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About administration

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Every website comes with its own administration page which you can access either from here or from your own website. Secured by your choice of password, our customers tell us this is one of the best and easiest facilities around.

Easy to use
If you can surf the web you already have the skills you need to use the administration page. We use simple online forms to let you make changes. We avoid complicated design software.

Fast - take the 60 second test !
Most of our customers are small businesses who lack the time to manage a website. That is why we have designed the administration page to allow you to make any change in under 60 seconds.

Some control panels come with very limited features. See what we provide:

  • Add/update photos on any page
  • Change text and add new paragraphs on any page
  • Change font size & style
  • Our linknotes feature makes it easy to link your website to others
  • Change your entire website design to a different style!
  • Obtain advice in simple english on search engines, promoting your website, and much more.

Example: See how easy it is for a car dealer to change his stock

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